Grind Experiment, pt 1

We’re hosting an exciting event this Friday at La Marzocco’s showroom in Ballard. We will be tasting the same coffee ground through 5 different grinders, with the goal of seeing how much your grinder impacts the quality of your coffee. We’ll kick things off at 10am –  come have a taste and tell us what you […]

Northwest Cup Taster’s League

Did you know that there is a league of intrepid coffee drinkers devoted to getting better at tasting coffee? The Northwest Cup Taster’s League is the brainchild of Tony’s employees David Yake, Bronwen Serna and Christos Andrews. Meeting monthly, the NWCTL is “a series of coffee-focused events dedicated to developing our most important tool: our […]

Iced Coffee and Ethiopia Kore Kochore

We recently kicked off our newest coffee release with a brewing class at Tony’s Coffee Bar in Seattle. We featured our Ethiopia Kore Kochore and brewed it specifically for iced coffee. Our wholesale trainer Bronwen Serna demonstrated the Japanese iced brewing technique using a Chemex. The bright acidity and floral aromatics make our Kore an ideal candidate […]