What are your freshness standards? 

We love drinking freshly roasted coffee and we want the same for our customers. We never ship coffee that is more than one week off roast.

When will my coffee ship and how much should I expect to pay for shipping?

    • We strive to ship orders within 2 business days. This can vary for special offerings and around the holidays. We primarily ship our coffees via USPS Priority Mail. After you place your order, we’ll send you an email with tracking information.
    • The cost of shipping is $8.00 per shipment. However, we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $35. That equates to any three regularly priced 12oz bags or any 5lb bag of coffee. 

Do you offer subscriptions / recurring shipments?

We sure do. We offer recurring shipments for all of our blends. Just head to our subscription page. You automatically save 10% on all shipments when you sign up for a subscription. To qualify for free shipping, make sure to sign up for three 12oz bags per shipment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected].

I’d like to gift a subscription to the coffee lover in my life.

We got you covered. Our Coffee Club comes in 3, 6, and 12 month options. You save 15%, 25%, or 30% when you sign up for our Coffee Club. All Coffee Club options include the cost of shipping. You can select any blend, or a rotating single origin option. Just head over to our Coffee Club page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected].

Do you sell branded Tony’s Coffee merch, such as mugs or apparel? 

We sure do. Just head over to our Merch page.  We also offer Digital Gift Cards, which are a great holiday gift option and can be used to purchase anything on our site.

 Do you sell brewing equipment, such as burr grinders or coffee brewers? 

We sure do. Just head over to our Brewing Supplies page.  

Do you wholesale your coffee?

We sure do. We provide complete wholesale coffee programs to espresso stands, cafes, restaurants, natural grocery stores, as well as offices. Head over to our Wholesale page to learn more. You can also email [email protected] or give us a call at 360-733-6319. 

I have a coffee question, how can I get in touch with someone at Tony’s?

You can email [email protected] with any coffee questions you have, day or night. You can also call 360-733-6319. We’re not always by the phone, but we do our best to answer calls from 8am-4pm PST, Monday-Thursday. If we don’t pick up, please leave a message and we’ll return your call as soon as possible. We strive to respond within 1-2 business days. We look forward to talking with you! 

 What is your Return Policy? 

We’re committed to helping you find a coffee that you’ll love. Please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] and our team of coffee experts will work with you to find the coffee that matches your tastes. We’re not able to accept returns unless your order is incorrect. 

Can you grind my coffee for me?

Absolutely, just select your desired grind option from the dropdown menu on the product page. Don’t see your desired grind? Just let us know how you’d like your coffee ground in the checkout notes.

 Do you offer tours of the Tony’s Coffee Roastery? 

Not at this time, but it is something we plan to offer in the future.

Can I pick up my order from the Tony’s Coffee Roastery?

We have suspended online order pickup at the roastery during Covid. Please stay tuned for updates.

How do I learn more about your company’s history?

Thanks for asking! You can head over to Our Story page.

What are some of your most popular coffees?

    • Cafe Carmelita is by far our most popular coffee. It’s a medium roast, which means it’s perfectly balanced and appeals to nearly every palate. If you like Carmelita, you may also like our Backcountry Blend. If you want something a touch lighter than Carmelita, then we recommend our eponymous Tony’s Blend.
    • Sugar Bee Espresso is our most popular espresso blend. It’s also nicely balanced medium roast, with chocolate notes and a subtle, fruity finish. The recipe for this blend took 1st Place in the America’s Best Espresso competition, so you know it’s going to be good. 
    • Espresso Noir is our most popular traditional, Northern Italian-style espresso blend. If you like bold flavors or drink your espresso with milk, this may be the one for you.
    • French Royale is our most popular dark roast. If you’re looking for something extra strong, you should try our Back 40 Extra Dark Roast.
    • Look for the Helpers is one of our most popular light roasts. All of the profits from the sales of this blend go to Bellingham Food Bank — what’s better than that?
    • Cafe Carmelita Decaf is our most popular decaffeinated coffee. If you’re looking for a darker roast decaf option, try our Pacific Decaf. Both are decaffeinated by our friends at Swiss Water Process in Vancouver, BC.
    • We have a constantly-rotating selection of single origin coffees, which are normally light to medium roasts. If you’re not seeing the coffee you’re looking for, please reach out to our team of coffee experts for a recommendation!

Coffee brewing, farming, and more

Do you have recipes or recommendations for different brew methods, such as a pour over, French Press, Aeropress, Chemex, Auto Drip, Stovetop Espresso (aka Moka Pot), Clever Dripper, or cold brew? 

We sure do. Just head over to our Brew Guide page.

How much coffee should I use to brew a cup of coffee?

If you measure by weight, we recommend using one part coffee to seventeen parts water, by weight. If you measure by volume, we recommend using 2 tbsp for every 6oz of water. This is where we start most of our brewing recipes, but every coffee is a bit different and everyone’s coffee tastes varies, so don’t be afraid to find the coffee recipe that fits your tastes.

If your coffee is tasting weak, you have a few options:

    • Grind your coffee a touch finer.
    • If you’re using a French press, Aeropress or other full immersion brewer, extend your brew time. We recommend a 3-4 minute brew time for most brew methods.
    • Increase the amount of coffee in your brew recipe or try a darker roast.

If your coffee is tasting bitter, you have a few options: 

    • Grind your coffee a touch coarser.
    • If you’re using a French press, Aeropress or other full immersion brewer, shorten your brew time. We recommend a 3-4 minute brew time for most brew methods.
    • Decrease the amount of coffee in your brew recipe or try a lighter roast.

Which of your coffees has the most caffeine?

All of our regular (non-decaffeinated) coffees have roughly the same caffeine level. Arabica beans generally yield between 60 – 80 milligrams of caffeine per 8oz of brewed coffee. Half Calf is a great option if you’re looking for something in between, as it’s comprised of half regular coffee and half Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee.

What’s the best way to keep my coffee fresh?

We suggest storing your coffee in a dry, dark place. 

How long will my coffee remain fresh tasting?

We recommend you enjoy your coffee within two weeks of opening the bag, and within one month of roasting, if possible.

Should I store my coffee in the freezer?

If you’re planning to brew your coffee within a month, we don’t recommend storing it in the freezer. However, if you find yourself with an abundance of coffee, storing it in the freezer may be your best bet. Just make sure to store it in an airtight bag and flush all of the air out. Try not to repeatedly freeze/thaw the coffee, as that will degrade the flavor.  

What does espresso grind mean? Can you use espresso coffee beans to brew drip coffee?

Espresso grind is finer than drip grind. You can use beans that are roasted for espresso in your drip machine or through any other brewing method — it will still be delicious!

Do you have low acid coffees?

If you’re looking for a low acid coffee, we recommend trying one of our medium or dark roast coffees. In general, dark roast coffees have the lowest acidity. Here’s a list of some of our favorite low acid coffees: French RoyaleIce Cap Cold BrewEspresso NoirPacific DecafCoffeehouse BlendClassic French, and Back 40. You can peruse our entire Low Acid section here.

Are there any benefits of cold brewing vs hot? Is the acidity lower? Is the coffee stronger?

Using only cold water to brew your coffee does result in lower acidity, which some people find to be easier on their stomachs. The strength of cold brew all depends on the brew recipe. The recipe on our website results in a concentrate, which we like to dilute with ice, water and/or creamer.

Where do you source your coffee?

We source coffee from every major growing region around the world, including Latin America, Africa and Asia. Some of the major countries we source from include Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Ethiopia. Given the right conditions, arabica coffee can prosper anywhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Specialty coffee is grown at high elevations, between 4,000-6,000 feet above sea level.

What is specialty coffee? What is a single origin coffee?

Green coffee goes through a ten part grading system, which was established by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Specialty coffee is defined as any coffee that receives a score over 82 points. In order to achieve this score, the coffee must be free of defects and handpicked at peak ripeness. Single origin coffee refers to a coffee that is not a blend, or in other words, a coffee that is sourced from a single farm or growing region.

Can I compost my leftover coffee grounds?

You sure can! They’re pretty acidic, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. Blueberries and other acidic-soil loving plants will thank you.

Are your single serve cups recyclable and/or compostable?

The box, plastic cup and tin lid are all recyclable. But first, you must remove the coffee grounds and inner paper filter, which can both be composted.

Why are some coffees oily?

As coffee ages, it releases oils. Dark roasts (such as our French Royale, Classic French, and Back 40 Blend) are always going to have oil on the surface of the beans. The darker the roast, the more oil you will find on the surface of the beans.

Is your coffee shade grown?

We source from organic certified farms, and organic certification requires farms to maintain a canopy of shade trees. We take a lot of pride in our partnership with the Organic and Fair Trade programs and our direct partnership with many of the farms we source from.

What is the difference between “direct trade” and “fair trade”? 

“Direct trade” is a term that some coffee roasters use to describe their practice of working directly with coffee farmers. It can mean different things to different coffee roasters. In any event, all coffee roasters rely on a chain of exporters and importers to manage the logistics and transportation from coffee farms to roasteries. 

The fair trade system guarantees farmers a base price, regardless of the state of the global coffee market (also known as the Commodity, or C-market). In order to ensure fairness and transparency, this price is set and enforced by an independent, third party organization known as Fair Trade USA, who conducts quarterly audits. 

On top of the Fair Trade base price, we pay coffee farmers a premium for quality, as well as a social premium, which goes into a community development fund. The farmer cooperative democratically decides how they want to use these funds. Some examples of projects include starting a nursery to grow more resilient, drought-resistant coffee varieties, or building local childcare facilities or health clinics. 

When we started buying fair trade certified coffees in 2002, we were one of the country’s first roasters to support the fair trade system. Since that time, we have purchased well over six million pounds of fair trade certified coffee and paid out over one million dollars in social premiums to small scale coffee farmers around the world.