Espresso Classico

From the Pacific Northwest’s Original Craft Coffee Roaster



Think: semi-sweet chocolate, caramel, lively and intense

We consulted the head of the Latin Department at Western Washington University and were told that Espresso Classico roughly translates to “Classic Espresso.” This led us to create a blend that pays homage to the classic Northwest-style espresso blend. Round, sweet & buttery. You can trust that this blend will consistently taste scrumptious on your home espresso machine, as well as through your French Press, Aeropress or your Mr. Coffee. Classic, Semi-sweet chocolate, caramel, lively and intense.

Want a little help for pulling the perfect shot of Espresso Classico?

  • 1 part coffee to 1.75 parts water (for example, 20 grams coffee to 35 grams yield). Your exact dose will depend on your basket size.
  • 25-30 seconds.
  • 200-202 degree water.

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