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From the Pacific Northwest’s Original Craft Coffee Roaster



Think: cocoa, caramel & toasted almond

Union de Ejido y Comunidades San Fernando, is a sustainable group conformed by small organic and fair trade organic Coffee producers. The main goal of San Fernando is to improve life quality of their producers in terms of productivity, housing, nutrition, health and education.  Coffee farming involves a number of variables and clear feedback is vital to giving producers the information they need to continuously improve the quality and sustainability of their coffee. Both up-to-date, relevant information on each farmer and specific technical feedback on new growing and management techniques are essential to develop a baseline to be used in the future as input for UESF’s Sustainability Plan.

A note on our Single Origin roasting schedule:

To ensure that you receive the freshest coffee possible, we roast and ship our single origin selections once a week. Orders that are placed by Tuesday at noon will ship Wednesday. If you have any questions about when your order will ship please email us at [email protected].