Decaf Cafe Carmelita

From the Pacific Northwest’s Original Craft Coffee Roaster



Think: cocoa and caramel notes with a full buttery body

If you ask anyone around the roastery, you’ll hear the same thing: decaf drinkers are our favorite coffee types. After all, if you’re drinking decaf, it’s not for the buzz; it’s because you really love the flavor of coffee! And this Swiss Water Processed coffee has boatloads of flavor. Not only does this process avoid the use of chemicals, but it also leaves much more of the flavors in the coffee intact. And here’s a fun fact, the Swiss Water Process plant is actually based just on the other side of the border in Canada, not Switzerland!
Enjoy this lovely, rich decaf coffee, and next time you see one of those “Death Before Decaf” stickers, just know that us coffee people have your back!

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