Rwanda Bumbogo

From the Pacific Northwest’s Original Craft Coffee Roaster



Think: baking spices, honey, & grapefruit

The Bumbogo coffee washing station was built in January 2017 in Gakenke, a district in Rwanda’s Northern Province known for its high quality coffee. In recent years, Gakenke has produced several winning lots in the Cup of Excellence. During its first year in production, Bumbogo faced a number of challenges and wasn’t able to begin production until the end of April, leading to lower outputs than forecasted. “But here at Muraho, we don’t give up,” said the company, “and this year our Bumbogo families more than doubled their production!” Bumbogo currently processes coffee from 523 producers. This lot has loads of sweetness and juicy acidity. We taste notes of baking spices, honey, pineapple, and grapefruit.

Coffee Review awarded Rwanda Bumbogo a 93 point score in April 2020.
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