Peru Maria Gloria Neira Santos


sweet orange, strawberry, maple


  • Bird Friendly
  • GMO Free
  • Shade Grown

$2 from every 12oz bag and $10 from every 5lb bag of Peru Maria Gloria Neira Santos sold will be donated to Grounds for Health, a nonprofit organization preventing cervical cancer in coffee growing communities.

Maria Gloria Neira Santos runs her farm, La Palta, in the town of El Cautivo, high in Peru’s Cajamarca department. Translating to mean “the avocado”, this farm was named after the many avocado trees interlaced throughout the coffee plants. Maria is a member of Alpes Andinos, an organization focused on producer empowerment, and the president of QORI, a group that facilitates the sharing of coffee knowledge with female producers in the area. 

At 1,850 masl, La Palta reaps the benefits of slow coffee cherry maturation. Maria and her husband conduct all of the agricultural work on the farm including selective pruning practices, soil analysis, and organic fertilizer management. Every step of processing takes place on the farm before being carefully transported to the association’s warehouse in Jaen for further quality analysis. 

We love coffees from Cajamarca for their reliable sweetness and lively acidity. The very best ones can have a variety of fresh fruit flavors, balanced by bright citrus, and complex sugar browning notes; Maria’s coffee is a beautiful example. 

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  • Kosher
  • USDA Organic