Mexico Veracruz

From the Pacific Northwest’s Original Craft Coffee Roaster



Notes of cherry, praline, and bartlett pear

This beautiful offering from José Cienfuegos comes from the municipality of Huatusco in the state of Veracruz. One differentiating factor in production here is that, instead of buying and selling dried coffee, Veracruz producers buy and sell freshly harvested coffee, processing centrally at mills. This is a major distinction from much of Latin America. Just like high elevations yield slow cherry maturation due to cooler weather, Huatusco pushes the northern edge of the tropics, where cooler, slightly wetter weather and long, cool nights during the harvest slow down cherry ripening, creating an incredible density of flavor. This coffee produces a complex yet approachable cup with flavors of plum, cranberry, cherry, bartlett pear, almond, and brown sugar shining through.
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