Guatemala Chichupac

Light Roast

plum, dark chocolate, blood orange


  • GMO Free

Not far from the beautiful and lush mountain range of Sierra de Chuacus in central Guatemala is Rabinal, a small town in the department of Baja Verapaz. Rabinal was founded in 1537 during an expedition of Spanish colonists into the lands of the Maya. Chichupac is a village within Rabinal and this coffee comes from a cooperative of smallholder farmers in the village. These producers use traditional agricultural practices and operate their own wet mills. Coffee plants in this region grow in moist clay soil in a rainy and temperate-to-cold climate, which ensures that the cherries mature slowly. This helps to develop the coffee’s uniquely fruited complexity. In the cup we taste notes of prune, baking spices, plum, dark chocolate, and blood orange.   

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  • Kosher