Ganesha Espresso


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Winner of the 2013 America’s Best Espresso Competition in Seattle!

Coffee Review awarded Ganesha Espresso a 94 point score in November 2013.  Read the full review here.

Coffee Review awarded Ganesha Espresso a 92 point score upon its release.  Read the full review here.

The roast profile for our flagship espresso is custom tailored for your espresso machine. We select coffees that can produce exceptionally sweet and heavy-bodied espresso.

Want a little help for pulling the perfect shot of Ganesha?

  • 1 part coffee to 1.75 parts water (for example, 20 grams coffee to 35 grams yield). Your exact dose will depend on your basket size.
  • 25-30 seconds.
  • 200-202 degree water.