Ethiopia Wuri Natural

From the Pacific Northwest’s Original Craft Coffee Roaster



Think: blackberry, cocoa, & plum

In the Gedeo language the word “Worka” means “gold.” There is also a large native tree found around Gedeb that the locals call “Sakaro,” hence the name of the village “Worka Sakaro.” Of the 1,276 hectares encompassed by Worka Sakaro, around 679 are planted with coffee, demonstrating what a critical component our favorite beverage is to the farmers’ culture and economy.  “Wuri” is another Gedeo word meaning “high altitude,” which Worka Sakaro has certainly earned with some farming areas topping out over 2,100 masl. The sorting and drying processes at Wuri are precise and laborious, with washed coffees drying in 12-15 days and naturals drying in 18-21 days. The naturals are covered during the heat of the day to ensure a gentle and consistent drying, and turned constantly on the beds during daylight hours. We taste notes of blackberry, cocoa & plum.