Backcountry Blend and Summit Blend Are Here

Winter is quickly approaching, which means our two winter seasonal coffee offerings are now available, both online and at participating stores. Our Director of Coffee, Andrew Bowman, designed these blends with the thought of enjoying them next to the fire, staying warm as the weather gets colder.

Backcountry BlendBackcountry Blend is a heavy-bodied combination of Peru Cepicafe and Timor Maubisse. We roast this coffee to a medium roast, bringing out both cocoa notes and a syrupy mouthfeel, perfect for those snow-powdered mornings at the cabin. The blend is both FairTrade and Organic certified. Backcountry retails for $13 on our website.

Summit BlendFor a spicier blend, try our Summit Blend which combines coffees from Sulawesi and Ethiopia, a unique take on a Moka Java blend. Our Summit Blend earned a 90 score from Coffee Review. Enjoy this coffee after a day on the slopes or while building that snowman. Summit Blend retails for $16 on our website.


Backcountry Summit Winter blends


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