Introducing Colombia Las Mingas

This Saturday, Nov. 15th, we will be officially debuting our Colombia Las Mingas at the coffee bar in Seattle. We will brew this special coffee six different ways and taste the results.


“Las Mingas” in the indigenous culture of Colombia is when the community comes together to build something.  If somebody’s house burns down, the Cabildo would call a “Mingas” and the town would come together and build a new house in a week.

The Mingas in this case is where everybody works together to find and identify and reward outstanding lots of coffee.  The producer takes the time to grow and process the coffee.  The exporter takes time to do quality analysis and pre-selection of the lot.  We cup the lot and a price is determined by our cupping score and gives us the opportunity to reward the producer with a good price.

The two lots we selected to build this year’s Las Mingas offering both come from the municipality of Tarqui in Huila.  The producers are Sergio Bermeo and Yilberto Osorio.  Their farm’s names are Santa Elena and La Vega, respectively.

This coffee delivers a lot of sweetness and complexity every time we brew it.  We have found molasses in the low end balanced out by red apple tartness and mulling spice notes.  You can purchase Las Mingas from our web store here.


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