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Grind Experiment, pt 1

We're hosting an exciting event this Friday at La Marzocco's showroom in Ballard. We will be tasting the same coffee ground through 5 different grinders, with the goal of seeing how much your grinder impacts the quality of your coffee. We'll kick things off at 10am -  come have a taste and tell us what you think!

Northwest Cup Taster's League

The NWCTL setup. One of the cups has different coffee than the other two. Your job is to find which one it is.

One of the original NWCTL posters

What I Learned From Brewer's Cup

Erik Evenson, manager of Tony's Coffee Bar in Seattle, recounts his experience at the Brewer's Cup this last April at the SCAA convention in Seattle.

I’m a firm believer that, if you are working with a great coffee, there is the possibility the next cup you brew could be the best one you’ve ever had. It's this draw that keeps those of us who are into coffee tweaking recipes, trying new methods, questioning what we think we know about brewing.

Feature Recipe: Ethiopia Kelenso Mokanisa

This article was originally featured in the fall/winter 2013 edition of The Trumpeter, our quarterly newsletter. One of Tony’s employees tells us how he’s brewing his favorite cup to drink. This time around, Coffee Bar manager Erik Evenson glows about Tony’s new Ethiopia Kelenso Mokanisa.

Coffee on the Web

Finding information about coffee on the internet can be an intimidating and stifling experience. The web is huge and the rabbit holes are potentially endless. We thought we'd give you a reference blog post about the sites we go to when we want to know what is going on in the world of coffee. Have fun searching around.

Tony's Launches Coffee Club Into Orbit

Do you love tasting new coffees? Wish you could drop by the roastery every month to pick up freshly roasted beans? Well, by golly, it sounds like our Coffee Club is just the thing for you. As a member of Tony's Coffee Club, you will receive two of our favorite new coffees on your doorstep every month.