October 2013

We made a pretty coffee video.

We couldn't be happier with the short film we made with Bellingham-based Hand Crank Films. The 2-min video highlights the people that make what we do everyday possible. “We have always flown a bit under the radar, so when this project presented itself it seemed like the perfect avenue to share what we do,” said David Yake, Director of Education at Tony’s. The video also shows off the natural beauty of Bellingham.

Tony's Coffee Wins America's Best Espresso Competition

We had the distinct pleasure of competing in America's Best Espresso Competition at Seattle Coffee Fest. We are always on the lookout for new coffees that will make our espresso pop, but we decided to take a crowd-sourcing approach to finding the perfect blend for Coffee Fest. First, we created two different espresso blends, one consisting of a Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia, the other consisting of two coffees from Guatemala and a Kenya. We cupped these blends at the roastery and then pulled shots for our friends, customers and just about anyone that would taste with us.