At Tony’s, we believe that brewing a great cup of coffee doesn’t have to be complicated.

We started by writing short and simple guides for seven of our favorite brewing methods. You can access these by clicking the sketches below.

We had so much fun writing the guides that we decided to bring them to life with Bellingham-based filmmaker, Caleb Young. You can find each of our brewing videos below the sketches

We hope these guides bring a bit more clarity and joy to your daily brewing routine. You can check out other videos we’ve made around the roastery and on trips to coffee-growing countries on our YouTube page.


Look up classy in the dictionary and you’ll find a photo of a Chemex. Assuming, that is, you’re using a dictionary that has photos of coffee makers. Designed in 1941 by German inventor, Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex is so objectively beautiful that it’s on permanent display at MoMA. Did we mention it makes a nice, clean cup of coffee too?

Clever Coffee Dripper

The aptly named Clever Coffee Dripper (or known simply as “CCD” in Australia) is one of our favorite brewing devices. By combining the best of pour-over and immersion brewing, it takes much of the guess work out of making a great cup of coffee at home.


Learn a few tricks for brewing great coffee on your home coffee maker.


Learn to use the most versatile brewing device ever invented (by Sir Alan Adler).

French Press

The French Press is a tried-and-true brewing device. Common as it may be in American kitchens, it often fails to reach its full potential. Here, we present a few tips for getting the most out of your French Press.