Tony's Coffee Wins America's Best Espresso Competition

We had the distinct pleasure of competing in America's Best Espresso Competition at Seattle Coffee Fest. We are always on the lookout for new coffees that will make our espresso pop, but we decided to take a crowd-sourcing approach to finding the perfect blend for Coffee Fest. First, we created two different espresso blends, one consisting of a Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia, the other consisting of two coffees from Guatemala and a Kenya. We cupped these blends at the roastery and then pulled shots for our friends, customers and just about anyone that would taste with us.

The Importance of the Go-to: Carmelita Blend

We all have them. When things get hectic and out of control, we need those little instruments of dependability, the ones that keep us sound, that give us a break from all the craziness. We like to call them go-tos. Whether it’s a favorite tool or recipe, the go-to represents one of those rare and comforting commodities in our lives: reliability.

Summit Winter Blend: 90 Points!

This just in!

Coffee Review scored Tony's Summit Winter Blend with a 90 in their 2012 Holiday Coffees article.

Summit was noted as "A comfortable cup, not too brightly acidy, original but not intensely so, balanced and appealing to a wide variety of taste and expectations. And reasonable in price."

Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: Summit Winter Blend is SOLD OUT.

Great New Bag, Same Great Coffee

Tony’s has recently launched an all new redesigned logo and packaging line. The new packaging is already getting noticed; a dark brown bag adorned with varnished coffee leaves.

The new packaging offers our customers cupping notes and the roast level of each single origin or blend.

We have even included each coffee’s Agtron score, which is a specific number denoting a coffee’s degree of roast.

We can’t wait for the new packaging to come to your house for coffee.