New Coffees



Winter Gift Sets

This year, for the holiday season, we are offering three gift sets. We designed these gift sets to address a number of coffee consuming situations. Whether you are giving a gift to a coffee connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a great morning cup of coffee, we have a gift set for all your coffee needs.

Backcountry Blend and Summit Blend Are Here

Winter is quickly approaching, which means our two winter seasonal coffee offerings are now available, both online and at participating stores. Our Director of Coffee, Andrew Bowman, designed these blends with the thought of enjoying them next to the fire, staying warm as the weather gets colder.

Introducing Colombia Las Mingas

This Saturday, Nov. 15th, we will be officially debuting our Colombia Las Mingas at the coffee bar in Seattle. We will brew this special coffee six different ways and taste the results.


Seasonal Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Natural

This new African offering hails from the Konga zone, located 5km from Yirgacheffe City in southern Ethiopia.

It is a natural (or dry) processed coffee, which means that the entire coffee cherry is left to dry in the sun on tables or patios.

Coffees processed in this way have potent fruit character and need to be selected carefully to avoid those with overripe fruit or fermented flavor notes.

The coffee varietals in this Yirgacheffe are wild heirloom and are grown at an elevation of 1850 meters.

Taste of Place Honduras

Two Tony’s Direct Trade Offerings: José Marel Portillo & Luz Zelaya
José Marel Portillo has been providing Tony’s with great coffee for the past several years and we are more excited than ever to bring you his new crop.
A few of us at Tony’s had the opportunity to visit Capucas earlier this year and were able to cup many of this region’s great coffees — including José Portillo’s.