The Journey of the Bean

A special report from David Yake, Tony’s sales & training specialist.

I had the good fortune of travelling to Honduras and El Salvador on our buying trip in March. My experience, limited as it was, showed me that growing and processing excellent coffee requires an enormous amount of both patience, as well as urgency. Here I’ll provide a rough sketch of how coffee gets from the tree to your cup — as well as a few connections I found between growing and roasting/brewing coffee.

Taste of Place Honduras

Two Tony’s Direct Trade Offerings: José Marel Portillo & Luz Zelaya
José Marel Portillo has been providing Tony’s with great coffee for the past several years and we are more excited than ever to bring you his new crop.
A few of us at Tony’s had the opportunity to visit Capucas earlier this year and were able to cup many of this region’s great coffees — including José Portillo’s.