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Earthy and robust with spice notes and a full, heavy body.

The Cooperative Gayo Linge Organic Coffee was founded in 2008 in the Bener Meriah area on the island of Sumatra in Western Indonesia. The group is composed of over 1,000 farmers from villages throughout this central mountain area in Sumatra known for its Gayo coffees. Cooperative members are not only coffee farmers but also village collectors (local traders) and government leaders of the local villages. The cooperative stresses the involvement of the village government leaders in helping its producer group encourage other coffee farmers and members to join and participate in Gayo Linge.


Region:  Central Aceh

Elevation:  1,200-1,350 meters

Varietal:  Timtim, Bourbon

Processing:  Wet Hulled

100% Organic & Fair Trade Certified.

Medium Roast – Agtron 60

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12 Ounce Bag (Whole Bean), 12 Ounce Bag (Drip Grind), 5 Pound Bag (Whole Bean), 5 Pound Bag (Drip Grind)

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