Summit Winter Blend: 90 Points!

This just in!

Coffee Review scored Tony's Summit Winter Blend with a 90 in their 2012 Holiday Coffees article.

Summit was noted as "A comfortable cup, not too brightly acidy, original but not intensely so, balanced and appealing to a wide variety of taste and expectations. And reasonable in price."

Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: Summit Winter Blend is SOLD OUT.

President's Message

I frequently read and hear people in the industry writing and talking about their “direct trade” and/or “relationship” coffees. Often those terms are undefined.

And it can lead to a considerable amount of confusion and misunderstanding about what exactly their relationship is with the grower.

I can’t speak for others, but when we designate a coffee as Tony’s Direct Trade, we are guaranteeing that:

The Clever Dripper

When it comes to brewing, a little patience goes a long way. When making coffee at home, it pays to take the time to grind your coffee fresh, just before brewing.

When brewing coffee thru a pour-over cone (such as a Melitta), making many small pours helps stabilize temperature and create a more even extraction.

Great New Bag, Same Great Coffee

Tony’s has recently launched an all new redesigned logo and packaging line. The new packaging is already getting noticed; a dark brown bag adorned with varnished coffee leaves.

The new packaging offers our customers cupping notes and the roast level of each single origin or blend.

We have even included each coffee’s Agtron score, which is a specific number denoting a coffee’s degree of roast.

We can’t wait for the new packaging to come to your house for coffee.

El Diablo

We’re excited to announce that you can now enjoy Tony’s Coffee on Queen Anne!

Jill Killen of Cloud City Coffee recently assumed ownership of El Diablo Coffee Company, located at 1811 Queen Anne Ave N #101 (map).

Jill is keeping Diablo’s trademark Cuban coffees on the menu, and will be adding drip coffee and Ganesha espresso to the menu.

There are also exciting plans in the works for a hand-brew drip bar, featuring our single origin lineup.

The El Diablo website has lots of great info.

Seasonal Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Natural

This new African offering hails from the Konga zone, located 5km from Yirgacheffe City in southern Ethiopia.

It is a natural (or dry) processed coffee, which means that the entire coffee cherry is left to dry in the sun on tables or patios.

Coffees processed in this way have potent fruit character and need to be selected carefully to avoid those with overripe fruit or fermented flavor notes.

The coffee varietals in this Yirgacheffe are wild heirloom and are grown at an elevation of 1850 meters.

The Journey of the Bean

A special report from David Yake, Tony’s sales & training specialist.

I had the good fortune of travelling to Honduras and El Salvador on our buying trip in March. My experience, limited as it was, showed me that growing and processing excellent coffee requires an enormous amount of both patience, as well as urgency. Here I’ll provide a rough sketch of how coffee gets from the tree to your cup — as well as a few connections I found between growing and roasting/brewing coffee.

Taste of Place Honduras

Two Tony’s Direct Trade Offerings: José Marel Portillo & Luz Zelaya
José Marel Portillo has been providing Tony’s with great coffee for the past several years and we are more excited than ever to bring you his new crop.
A few of us at Tony’s had the opportunity to visit Capucas earlier this year and were able to cup many of this region’s great coffees — including José Portillo’s.

Roasting With Green Power

Tony’s has long been a supporter of sustainable coffee farming methods. We source our coffee from growers that use organic, bird-friendly and renewable farming methods. We’ve also found a source of sustainable energy to roast our coffee, right in our own back yard.

The Green Power advantage