We Now Have Sulawesi Toarco AA

Sulawesi Toarco AAWe are now selling bags of  Sulawesi Toarco AA on our website and at the coffee bar in Seattle. A balanced blend of mellow acidity and heavy body, this Sulawesi is a great seasonal coffee, earning a perennial spot on our winter menu.

This particular coffee from Sulawesi is fully washed. After being harvested, the coffee cherries are placed in a washing station where the cherry is separated from the coffee seeds, before the seeds are fermented. The result is a clean, crisp flavor, alongside the naturally syrupy body that coffees from Sulawesi are known for.

If you like our Summit Blend, give our Sulawesi a try. Bags are $16 a piece and, as always, shipping is free for purchases over $50.


Sulawesi Toarco