Iced Coffee and Ethiopia Kore Kochore


We recently kicked off our newest coffee release with a brewing class at Tony's Coffee Bar in Seattle. We featured our Ethiopia Kore Kochore and brewed it specifically for iced coffee. Our wholesale trainer Bronwen Serna demonstrated the Japanese iced brewing technique using a Chemex. The bright acidity and floral aromatics make our Kore an ideal candidate for this type of brewing method. The final cup tasted like iced tea with a light squeeze of lemon, perfect for a hot summer day.

Tony's Japanese Iced Coffee Recipe

30g Ethiopia Kore Kochore

190g water, ~205˚F

50g ice, plus ice to serve

Chemex and Chemex filter

Kitchen scale


Wet your Chemex filter with water and pour out any excess water. Place the ice in the bottom of the Chemex. Fit wetted filter on top. Pour coffee into filter. Gently pour water over coffee bed until bed is fully saturated ~50g water for 30 second bloom. Add the rest of the water slowly, so that slurry up top stays level until you are done pouring all 190g of water. You now have a concentrated brew that is cooled. Serve over ice. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for future brewing classes and other fun events this summer at Tony's Coffee Bar in Seattle.

Ethiopia kore



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Ethiopia Kore Kochore Japanese iced brewing method


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