Camping and Coffeeing Vol. 1

Rosiecamping Rosie brewing and camping in the San Juan Islands

It's no secret that our employees enjoy the great Washington outdoors as much as drinking and producing delicious coffee. Our distribution manager Rosie Germond recently went camping in the San Juan Islands and was kind enough to share with us her great outdoor coffee setup: "My preferred camp brew method includes Café Carmelita (my go-to all-time favorite Tony’s Coffee), my decade old Melitta pour over cone and the carafe from a french press." As Rosie explains, camping and coffee go together like s'mores and a firepit: "A special part of camping for me is brewing and enjoying my morning cup of coffee in the outdoors. A perfectly brewed cup of coffee is a special experience in itself, being in nature just makes it that much better."

Rosiecamping2 The brew setup

How do you brew your coffee in the great outdoors? Any sure-fire methods? Next time you head for the hills, snap a photo of your camp coffee ritual. Post the photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the #wakeinthewoods hashtag for a chance to win two 12oz bags of Tony’s coffee. At the end of the summer, we’ll choose our favorite camp coffee photo and send the winner our go-to backcountry brew setup: a Tony’s travel mug, an Aeropress and a 12oz bag of our freshest single origin coffee.


Bellingham brew method camping outdoors


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