Grind Experiment, pt 1

We're hosting an exciting event this Friday at La Marzocco's showroom in Ballard. We will be tasting the same coffee ground through 5 different grinders, with the goal of seeing how much your grinder impacts the quality of your coffee. We'll kick things off at 10am -  come have a taste and tell us what you think!

We had the idea for the event after reading an article in Serious Eats that made the argument for replacing your blade grinder with a burr grinder. The article went into great detail on why burr grinders create a better cup of coffee, but what really stood out were the comments from readers asking, "can I really taste the difference between a fancy burr grinder and my home blade grinder?" After talking with Bronwen Serna, of Tony's Coffee, and Ryan Wilbur, of La Marzocco, we decided to let people taste for themselves. After all, shouldn’t coffee drinkers get to taste the difference (or, potentially, lack of difference) in the cup before making the investment in a new grinder.

We designed the taste test to simulate five home-coffee scenarios: blade grinder, entry-level burr grinder, high-end burr grinder, commercial grinder (EK-43) pre-ground 5 days before the event, and coffee pre-ground 5 days before the event using Perfect Coffee's oxygen-free system. All of the coffees will be brewed using the same specifications on Bonavita 8-cup thermal brewers.

We will ask participants to rank their favorite brews, from least to most favorite.

We’re hoping to host two identical events at Tony's Coffee Bar and Visions Espresso in order to survey more palates and gather more data. Stay tuned, we'll be announcing the dates for those event shortly.

More details for this Friday's event can be found here.

Hope to see you there!


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