Order your insulated Tony's Coffee travel mug today!

Travel Mug

This week is a reminder that even in the Pacific Northwest we have our share of wintry weather, even if it's only for seven days a year. But the threat of window-scraping is reason enough to have a good insulated coffee mug on hand. The Tony's Coffee team field tested a variety of coffee mugs before settling on this double-walled, stainless steel mug from Portland, OR company, Vessel.

We took this mug with us on the water and up on the slopes, and we've been very impressed by how long it keeps our coffee hot (we can't speak for how long our competitions' coffee stays hot). We're also quite pleased with how secure the the lid is (we had a number of employees huck backflips to make doubly sure).  At 12oz, it is the perfect size mug for your morning brew. To top it all off, the Tony's Coffee logo set against a matte black background will make you the envy of the Metro.

Pick yours up for $16 here. As always, you receive free shipping on purchases over $50, so go ahead and pick up a bag of Ganesha Espresso and one of our new single origin coffees.




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