We made coffee on ESPN!

It’s been a wild few weeks at Tony’s! First, there was the release of the Bellingham Beer Week Coffee Porter that we made with Fremont Brewing, then there was the release party for the short video we made with Bellingham-based Hand Crank Films party at Kulshan Brewing, then we won America’s Best Espresso Competition in Seattle, which seemed like a fitting culmination for a couple of excellent months. And then we got a call from ESPN. We thought it was a joke at first, but sure enough, ESPN wanted us to pull shots of Ganesha Espresso live on University of Washington’s Red Square for College Gameday. If you’re not familiar with Gameday (don’t worry, most of us were in your shoes), all you need to know is that it’s a veritable (and very well run) 3-ring circus. ESPN drives seven tractor trailers to a different college campus every week and puts on such a production that hundreds of college kids, who camp out the night before in order to get their mugs on national TV. We didn’t exactly have to camp out in the rain, but we did show up at 3am with our good friend Scott Baldwin, from Slayer Espresso, to sling shots of espresso for the 100 person crew. We have never felt like such celebrities, not because we were on TV, but because we had a line of poor sleep deprived souls pleading for quad Americanos. Even though we were dialing in our shots in the dark with blowing rain, we still managed to make some delicious espresso – 10 pounds in 3 hours, to be exact. All said, we had a great time – even if we couldn’t get Heisman-Winner Desmond Howard to try our espresso (although we hear he was raving about the hot chocolate we made for him).


Thank you to the amazing Gameday crew for having us out to make coffee. And a huge  thank you to Slayer Espresso for lending us their beautiful (Ganesha-  colored) 3-  group machine, as well as their eclectic International Sales  Manager.


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