The Importance of the Go-to: Carmelita Blend

We all have them. When things get hectic and out of control, we need those little instruments of dependability, the ones that keep us sound, that give us a break from all the craziness. We like to call them go-tos. Whether it’s a favorite tool or recipe, the go-to represents one of those rare and comforting commodities in our lives: reliability. As coffee people here at Tony’s Coffee, our go-to is that nice cup in the morning (or afternoon, or evening), and one of the coffees in our go-to arsenal is our Carmelita Blend.

As our signature house coffee, Café Carmelita is one of those coffees you can build your coffee routine around.  Carmelita is as versatile as it is delicious, tasting great through a number of brewing methods: from a French Press to an Aeropress, from a Chemex to a Clever.  It is one of those coffees that tastes great whether it’s your first cup or the one-hundredth, one that becomes a familiar and welcome part of your day.

So, join us in celebrating the go-to. Take a break. Have a cup of Carmelita.

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