Roasting With Green Power

Tony’s has long been a supporter of sustainable coffee farming methods. We source our coffee from growers that use organic, bird-friendly and renewable farming methods. We’ve also found a source of sustainable energy to roast our coffee, right in our own back yard.

The Green Power advantage

Tony’s is a Leadership Partner with Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power Program, one the top renewable energy programs in the country. When you enjoy Tony’s Coffee, you are helping:

  • Reduce air emissions
  • Enhance fuel price stability
  • Diversify fuel sources
  • Stimulate local economic development

Where does it come from?

All of the Green Power energy is produced here in the Pacific Northwest. The Stateline Wind Project and Hanford Solar Facility are two major sources for PSE’s Green Power Program. These and other sources in Washington and Oregon provide power from these sources:

  • Biomass (14%)
  • Solar (<1%)
  • Wind (86%)

For comparison, the current average mix of resources supplying Puget Sound Energy includes:

  • Large Hydroelectric (45%)
  • Coal (35%)
  • Natural Gas (17%)
  • Wind (2%)
  • Nuclear (1%)
  • Other (1%)*

Tony’s (And the Environment) Thanks You

From sustainable farming methods to sustainable roasting methods, Tony’s is on board with providing a bright future for our planet. Viva Green Power!

*Based on 2006 fuel mix reported to the State of Washington Office of Trade and Economic Development