Winter Gift Sets

This year, for the holiday season, we are offering three gift sets. We designed these gift sets to address a number of coffee consuming situations. Whether you are giving a gift to a coffee connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a great morning cup of coffee, we have a gift set for all your coffee needs.

Clever Gift SetFor the do-it-yourselfer coffee drinker, you can get our Clever Explorer Gift Set which includes a Clever Dripper, a Tony’s diner mug and a 12oz bag of Tony’s Café Carmelita for $40. The perfect recipient for this gift set enjoys the ritual of making coffee, maybe weighs her doses, checks her water temperature, and times her brew.

Summit Explorer Gift SetFor the coffee drinker on the go, check out our Summit Explorer Gift Set, which includes a Tony’s double-walled travel mug and a 12oz bag of our Summit Winter Blend, for $30. This gift set is perfect for someone who enjoys coffee in the car, on the way to work. The double-insulation of our travel mug ensures that this person's coffee will still be piping hot even after an hour or two.

Classic Tony's Gift SetFinally, for that couple who really loves their coffee, try our Classic Tony's Gift Set, which includes both a bag of our Summit Winter Blend and our Carmelita Blend, as well as two of our Tony's diner mugs. The Classic Tony's Gift Set is $45. This gift set works especially well for Mom and Dads, Aunts and Uncles or any relatives who love their coffee and drink a lot of it.

We recommend any of these sets for the holiday season. They make great presents for those special coffee lovers in your life, or, if you prefer, treat yourself to a little holiday gift of your own. You'll be happy you did. And for goodness sakes, get outside and enjoy this great northwest winter.


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