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Two Tony’s Direct Trade Offerings: José Marel Portillo & Luz Zelaya
José Marel Portillo has been providing Tony’s with great coffee for the past several years and we are more excited than ever to bring you his new crop.
A few of us at Tony’s had the opportunity to visit Capucas earlier this year and were able to cup many of this region’s great coffees — including José Portillo’s.

His coffee is comprised of Caturra and Catuai varietals, is grown between 1450 and 1600 meters above sea level, and is a fully washed (wet process) coffee. The cup it produces is exceptionally clean and balanced with tropical fruit aromatics, maple and tobacco notes, and a full sweet finish.

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We also took a side trip to the region of Marcala to visit our partners at the COMUCAP women’s cooperative. This is the first year COMUCAP is doing lot separation, and many of the coffees were very good. The coffee grown on the farm of Luz Zelaya was our top scoring coffee with caramelized sugar aromatics, flavors of honey, date, malt, and ginger. It is fully washed, Bourbon and Catuai, and grown at 1450-1600 meters.

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Both of these coffees are Tony’s Direct Trade certified, Fair Trade USA certified, and certified organic.


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