Simple But Not Easy

We at Tony’s Coffee and Teas are big fans of the philosophy that the best things in life, especially the best things we eat and drink, tend to be simple, but not easy to make. What do we mean by that? In the coffee world, it means that a great cup is composed of only a few elements (coffee, water, perhaps milk and sugar), some perfected techniques (growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing) and a dedication to making the next cup better than the last by repeating what works and making adjustments on what doesn’t. This process guides how we buy our raw product, how we roast, and how we brew.

So when we see a similar philosophy being practiced by some of the best in the culinary world, we get excited, inspired. Which is why we love show The Mind of a Chef, a program on PBS that chops it up with some of the best chefs in the world. The first season starred David Chang, chef of Momofuku, a restaurant in New York. The show is narrated by the one and only Anthony Bourdain. Take a look at this clip about making tofu in Japan. It might not seem at first glance to have anything to do with brewing coffee, but you’ll notice a seam of simple but not easy running through the whole process.

In other excerpts, Chang shows us how simple yet painstaking many of his dishes are. Check a few of them out here.

We can’t wait for the second season this fall.


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