Seasonal Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Natural

This new African offering hails from the Konga zone, located 5km from Yirgacheffe City in southern Ethiopia.

It is a natural (or dry) processed coffee, which means that the entire coffee cherry is left to dry in the sun on tables or patios.

Coffees processed in this way have potent fruit character and need to be selected carefully to avoid those with overripe fruit or fermented flavor notes.

The coffee varietals in this Yirgacheffe are wild heirloom and are grown at an elevation of 1850 meters.

Grinding this stuff will engulf your senses with fragrances of mixed berries and apricot. This is a cup filled with notes of melon, raspberry, watermelon candy, and lemony brightness.

To summarize: this is a heavily fruited cup of coffee with moderate acidity and a very sweet finish.

For a limited time only: available here through our shop.



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