Feature Recipe: Ethiopia Kelenso Mokanisa

This article was originally featured in the fall/winter 2013 edition of The Trumpeter, our quarterly newsletter. One of Tony’s employees tells us how he’s brewing his favorite cup to drink. This time around, Coffee Bar manager Erik Evenson glows about Tony’s new Ethiopia Kelenso Mokanisa.

I recently ran our new Ethiopia through a Clever Brewer at home. I definitely think this is the way to go with this coffee. Not only did I get the snappy lemon acidity that features prominent in many classical Ethiopian coffees, I also got nice subtle taste of apricot and a honey sweetness that balanced the cup out perfectly, especially as it cooled. If you can, let this coffee sit for a couple of minutes after you brew it through your Clever. The delicate balance you’ll taste between the sweetness and acidity as the coffee cools will make it well worth your wait. Try these parameters first, then experiment with it on your own.

Recipe: Ethiopia Kelenso Mokanisa through a clever.

You’ll need:

Clever Brewer

#4 paper filter

Filtered water

Burr grinder

Kitchen scale


Tony’s Ethiopia Kelenso Mokanisa


Grind 25g of coffee at a medium grind. Wet your #4 filter and place it in the Clever. Put ground coffee in the bed of the filter. Heat water to 200-205°F (about 30 seconds off boil).


Set the Clever on your kitchen scale and zero it out. Pour the water over bed of coffee grounds, starting the timer with the pour. Make sure that you coat them evenly. Let the slurry sit for three minutes.


Set the Clever on a mug or pitcher (make sure the capacity is large enough to avoid spills) and let Clever drain. Wait 2-3 minutes if you can before tasting. Enjoy!



Ethiopia Kelenso Mokanisa

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