September 2013

Does it Really Taste Like That?

The best description of flavor we've ever seen didn't use any words at all. Here it is:

Simple But Not Easy

We at Tony’s Coffee and Teas are big fans of the philosophy that the best things in life, especially the best things we eat and drink, tend to be simple, but not easy to make. What do we mean by that? In the coffee world, it means that a great cup is composed of only a few elements (coffee, water, perhaps milk and sugar), some perfected techniques (growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing) and a dedication to making the next cup better than the last by repeating what works and making adjustments on what doesn’t.

The Importance of the Go-to: Carmelita Blend

We all have them. When things get hectic and out of control, we need those little instruments of dependability, the ones that keep us sound, that give us a break from all the craziness. We like to call them go-tos. Whether it’s a favorite tool or recipe, the go-to represents one of those rare and comforting commodities in our lives: reliability.