New & Improved Coffee Club

What could be better than having fresh coffee arrive on your (or a loved-one’s) doorstep every month? We now have more options than ever for our coffee club members. You can choose your favorite organic, fair trade coffee, our award-winning  Ganesha Espresso, or one of our rotating single origin coffees. Then you can select whether you’d like to receive 2-12 bags […]

We Now Have Sulawesi Toarco AA

We are now selling bags of  Sulawesi Toarco AA on our website and at the coffee bar in Seattle. A balanced blend of mellow acidity and heavy body, this Sulawesi is a great seasonal coffee, earning a perennial spot on our winter menu. This particular coffee from Sulawesi is fully washed. After being harvested, the coffee cherries […]

We Have New Brewing Videos

At Tony’s, we believe that brewing coffee should be a simple, pleasurable and elegant part of your day. It doesn’t take a whole lot to brew a great cup of coffee, just great coffee, the right brewing method for your tastes, attention to detail and a little love. With that idea in mind, we are proud to present our […]

Winter Gift Sets

This year, for the holiday season, we are offering three gift sets. We designed these gift sets to address a number of coffee consuming situations. Whether you are giving a gift to a coffee connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a great morning cup of coffee, we have a gift set for all your coffee […]

Backcountry Blend and Summit Blend Are Here

Winter is quickly approaching, which means our two winter seasonal coffee offerings are now available, both online and at participating stores. Our Director of Coffee, Andrew Bowman, designed these blends with the thought of enjoying them next to the fire, staying warm as the weather gets colder. Backcountry Blend is a heavy-bodied combination of Peru Cepicafe […]

Introducing Colombia Las Mingas

This Saturday, Nov. 15th, we will be officially debuting our Colombia Las Mingas at the coffee bar in Seattle. We will brew this special coffee six different ways and taste the results. “Las Mingas” in the indigenous culture of Colombia is when the community comes together to build something.  If somebody’s house burns down, the […]

Gino Drippers and Brewing Class

If you follow the coffee industry, you might have remembered when NotNeutral’s flat-bottomed Gino Dripper debuted at the SCAA exposition last April. It took home the 2014 Best New Product Award and many baristas including our own Erik Evenson, used it in the National Brewer’s Cup competition. Now Tony’s is proud to announce that we will be selling […]

A video for our friends at Cafe Granja La Esperanza

We’re excited to share an amazing video made by our friend, Caleb Young, who joined us on our recent visit our partners at Cafe Granja La Esperanza, a group of three farms in the Valle de Cauca region of Colombia. This video beautifully captures the spirit of the Granja team. We first became acquainted with Granja’s coffees at […]

Coffee + Bread at the Grain Gathering

We recently had the pleasure of brewing coffee for the Grain Gathering conference in Mt. Vernon. This unique event brings together innovative bakers, brewers, distillers, millers and plant scientists from around the world for 4 days of hands-on learning and discussion. The event is hosted by the Bread Lab, “the first pubic lab in the […]